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Re: My Dads new shop
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Any shop updates Jake?
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Re: My Dads new shop
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None to report, Iv been busier than a squirrel in a nut factory.


My Dads new shop
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Do you have water/sewer run or only electric?    Im in dreamer stage laying out possible shop designs and Id like to have a small bathroom to not have to run back to the house to recycle the morning coffee and last nights dinner :) 
For supply lines it would seem straightforward but the sewer line Im not sure how that works.
Assuming a hanging sewer setup in the main house, would the shops drain line back and tie into the house drain system?  Seems like with any distance x required pitch (1/4/ft) ? the drop would end up below the houses lateral to the city sewer.    Not sure how all that works.   Shawn have you run into any work like that where they run sanitary drain from accessory building to primary residence?
1991 Bridgeport Series I 2J-VS  9"x48"
1979 Clausing Colchester Bantam Mk2 11"x30"
1972 Harig Super 612
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Re: My Dads new shop
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No bathroom yet. Im rural and have enough acerage to get away with a septic system. Theres also a sipply house less than 10 minutes from me that has 250  gallon fiberglass tanks for about $200.


Re: My Dads new shop
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Yes, I'll get back to you shortly with 30 questions...

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Re: My Dads new shop
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So, do not use
"Overhead door .com"
They are a scam that has screwed me out of $4500.
They use a accredited clearing house pay system where you consent to them cashing a virtual check.
I can only take them to civil court, but they don't have an address that has personal at them, for papers to be served.
Also with them being an LLC they can dissolve the corporation leaving nothing to be sued.


Re: My Dads new shop
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That's a B***h Jake.
I suggest finding out if your State has a Consumer Protection organization associated with the office of the Attorney General.
I wrote to them in Washington State and got satisfaction from the business.
Of course, in my case, the business owner was honest and unaware of the problem.
It sounds like your perpetrator is a professional crook.
If they are actually an LLC they have to be registered somewhere.
If they are professional crooks, some agency has to have a file on them.
Your case can only add to the motivation to squash them.
Sorry for your troubles.

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They are in Colorado, and I have started an investigation on them.
Their "office" is a mail box in an office building with no full time personnel. (No one to sign for a registered letter) The owner of the LLC lives in France, and is virtually untouchable, due to its civil matter (I wrote a check, and sent them a picture of it, along with a 1 time agreement to withdraw the funds).
The local sheriff department also investigated it, and told me I'm pretty much out of luck.
My lawyer was able to find he lived in France, and he told me to sue him, I would have to go to an International court.
I would have
Court cost
Travel costs
Lawyer costs
Translator cost
The lawyer said I would burn about $2500 an hour.
The LLC owner has dozens of the same style LLC, and has over 100 cases filed against him.
The lawyer also found out the LLC has a net worth of $600, so I'm pretty much out the money.
The absolute worst part is, I put my tractor up as collateral for the loan, and I get a reminder every month when I go make my payment.

The salesman has blocked my number, and all the numbers I have called him from. These guys are Profesional criminals who have found a way to hide in our justice.


Re: My Dads new shop
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Thanks for describing the circumstances.
I hope your story will prevent myself and others from falling into the same/similar hole.

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Re: My Dads new shop
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Accredited clearing house = scam
Check the bbb.


Re: My Dads new shop
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I had something similar happen to me.  But it was England and not France in my case.  I lost about half of what you did and since it was through the mail and my BiL works for the Post Master General,  he made a federal case of it and even the FBI could do nothing to help.  They are pretty much untouchable.  Since then I refuse to do any online purchasing. I don't mean the names we all know but I avoid ebay like a plague and amazon too.
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Re: My Dads new shop
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Sorry to hear of your bad luck, Jake. Credit cards can be your friend if dealing with someone you don't know. I only send checks to companies that I know, such as for my regular bills each month.

Sadly, the desire to save money lives in all of us, and some deals are just too good to pass up.


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Re: My Dads new shop
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I 200% support the credit card suggestion. The wife and I ONLY operate via credit cards for daily expenditures, including my business. I haven't used my debit card in nearly a decade. I write cheques  only to known wholesalers that I have credit accounts with. My various credit cards have been compromised numerous times over the years, but you call it in, they cancel the charges, cancel the card, and send you a new one. I lose no money. The worst of it is the inconvenience.
But I realize the States doesn't work exactly the same way...
The credit card is protected. It's advertised. Your debit account is not. I can't imagine losing that amount of money, Jake. My sympathies...

Just my two cents...

Jake Parker

Re: My Dads new shop
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Terry, the bad part was, they weren't any cheaper than the other guys, just the first web page to pop up when I searched " Overhead rollup doors".
I have contacted a new company "Jeld winn" and had 1 door picked up.
Now, here's where the craziness compounded itself.

I get a pickup number from the company in an e-mail.
The factory warehouse where I need to pick them up is just 3 hours away, so my mom and dad (both in their 70's) volunteer to pick it up.
They print off their maps, plan out their route too and from (they are making it a day trip/travel date so both legs are diffrent)(plus they don't use smart phones or GPS)
They leave early on a Thursday morning, with their credit card, cash from me, some road snacks, and beverages. You could see both were excited to be on the road again (seasoned travelers, but unfortunately not able to they use too)
They call me several times that day to let me know progress, ie what they had, and where they stopped for breakfast. That they found the location, and where they needed to be. What the guards name was and where he grew up. Ect ect.......

About 4 pm they call to tell me they are going straight home, and will swing the truck back by the next day around lunch.
Fast forward to the next day, and like clock work, my dad rolls up with a huge grin. He then tells me how much fun they had, how they were detoured around construction, and how they made an impromptu decision to detour off the detoure and take a totally different way home ect, ect.....
After he jabber Jawed for about 30.minutes I finally get to see my door...................or should I say Seth Wilcox's door!

2 feet too wide, and 2 feet taller than my door jamb.

The shipping numbers were spot on.
The name and measurements were not.
So I called the company's shipping coordinator and leave a message.
A few minutes after 2 pm the phone rings,
Me: This is Jake.
Coordinator: Mr. Parker Im.sorry, Im.sorry, Im.sorry!
You have the wrong door!
Me: I know.
Coordinator: I totally F@#KEd up and I'm sooooo sorry.
Me: It's cool, crap happens. What do we do next?
Coordinator: How far away are you? The man who's door you have is here, and I have found your door, the numbers got mixed up, and we are trying to make this right, can you help us?
Me: it will take me 3 hours to get there, the truck is still hooked up, and the door is still tied down.

Long pause, then he muttered sh!+, sh!+, sh!+!

Me: Hey, if the man is willing to wait, and yall give me half off my next door purchase, I can put this truck in the wind and be there before sundown! (Then to really drive this opportunity to save some money home, I say) let me help you look good.

Coordinator: You would do that?!?!?!
Me: Yes.

Coordinator: let me ask my boss. (I can hear the excitement in his voice, this may be the silver lining of this whole black cloud !!!)

A few minutes after listening to some terrible elevator music, a new voice comes on the line.
She sounds like she would make a constipated pit viper cower in fear, like she rinses he mouth out with gasoline after scrubbing her teeth with barbed wire.

Crabby lady: So let me see if I got this right (no "Hi, my name is ---------, let's work together to make this wrong a right.")
You want us to give you free doors to bring the wrong door back, and get your door?

Me, after recovering from the icy blast of viper lady's tone: no maam,, I would would just like a discount on a future door purchase for the inconvenience of using my resources to correct a misunderstanding that occured with a pickup of my door, or should I say Mr. Wilcox's door.

Viper lady: We will send someone to pick up the wrong door you have.

I started to ask about my door, but the loud, sharp clank of a phone receiver being slammed back down let me know the conversation was over.

So I emailed my salesman, and in less than half an hour, he calls.

SM: Mr. Parker, I'm sorry for the mix up, I will have a hot shot driver deliver your door next week. Can you please load the door that is not yours back on the driver's truck?

Me: (still a little peved about snake lady's attitude) Yes, as long as the correct door gets delivered, I'm fine with that.

SM: Thank you so much for your patience.  Please know this happens once every 2 to 3 years, and we move hundreds of thousands of doors through our 5 different factory a year. Bla bla blaaa

Me: Hey don't sweat it, with my luck, I'm not surprised.

The following Wednesday a truck driver calls me, and we make arraignment to swap out the doors.

So now I have 1 door ready for install, and just 3 more doors to go.

Lord please let the next 3 go smoothly!
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Re: My Dads new shop
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I have a brother in law that is retired from working for Hollywood-Crawford Door co. out of San Antonio.  He still does some door sales and hanging them for those around him near Pleasanton.  He got me a decent discount for a set of doors for my place 20 years ago.  Still holding up good.  The garage door business is a racket for sure!  And some of these home style doors are going for $1,000's of dollars!  I kid you not.

I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune.  Hopefully these guys will treat you much better.