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I agree about profit vs non. At $6 the rubbermaid is no cheaper than any other commercial option. Trays deeper than 2 or 3" become the La Brea tar pits of junk collection in my opinion.

I keep these around on table to work out of at each machine. Nice large compartments to separate things like countersinks from taps.

Good ole garbage freight probably has the best value on trays.

It's easy to spend 10 yrs getting a box filled out in a way that you personally like.


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For guys like me, you have to do stuff a little here and a little there. For what I do I cannot justify a lot at any one time so a few bucks here and there which would not be reasonable for a profit making enterprise. So the cost per being equal while correct would still equal to much outlay at one time so concessions have to be made, which don't always result in the the very best tool/item of choice for the application sadly.

Which I suppose is why HF is as successful a business model as it is. Fortunately for me I have not had to make too many concessions in that direction.
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For a profit making enterprise, even one out of a home shop the cost is easily justified. Just different for a bozo like me that simply dinks around out in the shop. I do not know if still available, but Rubbermaid used to sell plastic trays that varied in width and length, were 3" or less in height, and interlocked with a lip along the side rail cheap. I have not looked for them for years but they were not bad for drawers for a home shop guy on a budget.

They still make them. This is what they are.
Those are also available at Walmart for less $. I remember when my dad worked at Rubbermaid in Mississauga, ON he would bring home the rejects. Still have a bunch and that is from the 1970's!
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