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kidney stones
« on: November 22, 2023, 12:31:44 AM »
If youve never had one pray you never will.
 For the last three or so weeks I occasionally had a short sharp stabbing pain for about 2 seconds in my lower left belly.
 My thoughts were "I hope its not a kidney stone"
 I ignored it till last night when halfway through dinner the short sharp jab of 1-2 secs didnt stop and became more and more painful and travelled through to my back until I had to call the ambulance to stop me bouncing off the walls from the agony.
 Yep. its a kidney stone, approx 3mm dia.
 Their pain killers worked wonders now I just have to wait till it travels down to the bladder and its excreted out.
 Trust me dont delay in getting it diagnosed, the pain is unbelievable.


Re: kidney stones
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Bad news.

I had a friend (Carole) who had lithotripsy at least 5 times (about every 18 months) to break up kidney stones. Hers were made of oxalate so the Doc put her on a special diet.
Eventually her diet became so restricted it was ridiculous, but the stones still occurred. By chance, I talked to an acquaintance, who was into diet and nontraditional remedies, about the problem. I passed on few clues to Carole and she did her own research based on those clues. I'm sorry, I don't remember her regimen. I think it included Zink and Magnesium supplements. She had to experiment a bit to set dosages.

The bottom line is that, after establishing the supplement regimen, she never had stones again (20+ years). Do your own research and don't po-po options outside of the medical establishment.

Good luck.


Re: kidney stones
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I've had a few over the years. Doc told me I had one that was so big it wouldn't pass.  So far okay for now.  My wife had to have Her's busted out a year ago this month.  She had to go back a second time to get the one's missed because there was so many of them!  No fun at all!

Bill Gruby

Re: kidney stones
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  Had two 0f then. Can't think of anything that hurts more than a stone being passed?

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