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Monthly Shop Challenge Rules
« on: March 23, 2019, 11:53:25 AM »
This sub-forum is where the monthly shop challenge posts can be found. Here is how it works:
  • The winner of the previous month's challenge chooses a material and size of that piece of stock for everyone to work with the following month. More than one material may be selected and the maximum sizes of each material must be specified. He or she will also choose whether or not the use of commercial hardware will be allowed, and can also limit what types of hardware may be used.
  • The choice and size of material and hardware limitations are posted by the 3rd of the month in a NEW THREAD named for example: "Shop Challenge April 2019".
  • Anyone who wishes to compete (including the previous month's winner) figures out what he or she will make using that piece of metal, then makes that item using only that metal stock and allowed hardware. Contestants DO NOT need to announce what they are making before starting the project, nor do they need to announce their intention to compete.
  • Any metal working process can be used, including but not limited to: bending, forming, casting, welding, soldering, brazing, turning, milling, shaping, grinding, heat treating, drilling, scraping, filing, sanding and engraving.
  • The use of commercially available hardware such as nuts, washers, machine screws, shoulder bolts, gaskets, bushings, bearings, and springs, etc. MAY or MAY NOT be allowed and will be determined each month by the person naming the stock to be used. Specific types of hardware may be limited so the specifics need to be read carefully each month.
  • The project must be completed and posted with a description of the item and AT LEAST three clear photos of the project no later than 9:00 PM Central Time on the 27th of that month.
  • Once the cutoff date and time is reached, a Poll will be posted listing the competing entries. This poll will remain open for 3 days.
  • All members of Machinists Gazette are invited to cast their votes in the poll. Competitors may also vote. Each member may vote only once, but a member may change his vote as long as the poll remains open.
  • Poll results will NOT be displayed until the poll closes. When the poll closes the winner(s) will be displayed by the poll thread itself without intervention by staff.
  • The winner will then select the material and stock size for the following month's contest and the cycle starts over, with the new materials and hardware details posted by the 3rd of the month.
  • If the winner fails to establish the following month's details by the end of the day on the 3rd of the month, one of the forum staff will do so.
  • February is a short month, details to accommodate February each year will be posted within that month's thread.
  • In the event of a tie, the winners will need to work together through email or PM to determine the details for the next month's contest.
  • These rules are subject to change based on membership consensus, but not during an active contest. Any changes will take effect immediately prior to the NEXT month's contest and will be posted here.
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