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what is it about the function that makes the noga so much better? whats the touchy feely difference?

when using the lower adj, you are not introducing your weight and vibration, so zeroing is so much easier.

Not always necessary to zero, but sometimes it is, or to get on one of the 10 marks.
More importantly, when using a 10 thou indicator, I have 3...  it's important.
I only use them when making a tool that requires it.  Lets say an er32 holder for my lathe with through capability. it's extremely important that the taper be acurate and concentricty be accurate. A 10k is important at that point... if you are good to 1 thou, your collet may be off by 1 thou or 2 thou.. So you want to be zero.. dead nuts on in reading  setting up for your cuts or grinding .. your still probably out a little.  it adds up.
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