Author Topic: You think Terry's sensitive drill press is small-Look at what I'm fixing to build  (Read 2282 times)


I've been following a YouTube maker in his model making and decided to give it a try.

IT's from PM Research Model Kits.


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I have been tempted to build all of the machines that they have available, but time is the controlling factor. Maybe I should buy the kits now so that I have them when I retire?

Looking forward to your build of this project!  Popcorn and appropriate adult beverage at the ready.


Making chips with old machines!


I know building one of their steam engines was fun.   At the time All I had was Sherline lathe and mill,   Made for some fun figuring things out. 
Although that might be about the right size equipment to make something like what you are doing.
Ken in SA TX

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Yeah, I'm not too sure about pushing a 1/8" tee slot cutter with my big mill!!!!  I'm not sure if I still have that fine touch feeding the cutter thru that piece of aluminum (pot metal).