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How well does your spindle spline fit into then power head? Is there any play back and forth?

There's got to be some slop, just for it to operate properly.

I know on my old Index 645 mill, it has lots of slop.  I couldn't say how much is from wear and what it was new.  I've seen about the same on the few Bridgeport mills I've been around over the years, too.


mine made a lot of noise at first. I changed the belts and it quieted down. There is also a plastic of some sort plug that a grub screw tightens against that helps hold the quill from dropping and helps a little. My 8520 has no return spring like a regular mill.

chips and more:
My Bridgeport mill has very little movement when the brake is applied. Is this about the sharper operation I did yesterday? I was aware of the slight play even if the brake was on. So, I made sure the cutting business end of the slot bit was in the datum center of the quill/spindle. So any rotation would hopefully not interfere and it did not. The slot walls were smooth and the width of the slot was the same size as the bit I made. All telling me that the slight rotation my mill spindle had made no effect on the machining technique.

I do remember about 15 years ago when I overhauled the Bridgeport head. That I rotated the spline in its spline hole until I found the best marriage for the least amount of slop. It has been working great with no problems. Also changed all the feed screws and nuts. WHAT A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE that made!

No, not regarding the shaper idea. I've been trying to figure out where various noises are coming from. When I mill, especially an interrupted face mill operation, there's a lot of knocking/banging from up top. The best I can figure is the play in the spline knocking around from the interrupted cut. Once all flutes/inserts engage the machine quiets right down.
I know there is a tiny bit of axial play in the spindle from the retaining nut on top of the bearing assembly in the spindle that doesn't help, but I don't think it's that.


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