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Jake Parker:
A fiend texted last weekend "Hey, you need a welding table!"

Me " You askin, or are you telling"

Friend "Telling"

Me " ok, im listening"

Friend " A guy I know is clearing out his dads old shop, he has 2 tables, one is app. 3'x8', the other is app.  5'x5'. The 6x5 has a small drill press and 2 vices mounted to it. Make an offer"

I was buzy so I didnt have time to answer.
3 hours later.......

Friend " well he said $100 each. If tou want the vices and drill prress it will be an extra $50"

Me " I will take them"

Friend " how much do you want???"

Me "ALL of it!!!! Thats $250 by my math, when do you need me to get them?"

Friend " We can meet Satuerday "

Me " see yall then"

So this afternoon me and #1 son make a 40 mile journy and load this

Jake Parker:
The long one is actually 3'x8" with a .750" top.
The other is 5'x5', the only down side is some jackleg welded the vice and drill press down.
Now on to the house to clean and deburr them.
BTW ylu couldent smack the smile from my face with a stick! ;D

Ulma Doctor:
nice score Jake!!!!  ;D

Wow, heavy duty. Those would have been expensive to build.

You Suck Jake.
 Nice score You're filling up that new shop fast.


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