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I gave my old mastercraft 225 AC buzz box to my boss since he's starting down the hobbies rabbit hole. I haven't used it since I got the airco dip stick 160. The rods Ive used in both machines are Lincoln 7018 H8 AC. Runs well in both AC and DC. I also remember it running well on that mastercraft AC buzz box.

I got it all set up in his garage on the weekend and he bought a box of 7018 from princess auto (harbor freight). Welded like garrrrrrrbage... Incredibly difficult to keep an arc. They were e7018-1. Looks like it may prefer DCEP. Tolerable on my machine in DC. But rather difficult in AC.
I told him, he returned them and bought a pound of Hobart 3/32 7018AC.  Still runs like garbage. Very difficult to keep an arc. Rod burns faster than the flux. Tried it on machine. My machine didn't like it either in AC. Difficult to keep an arc. Went back my Lincoln 3/32 7018 rods and back to butter. I'm gonna take some of my rods, which are a few years old, certainly not stored how 7018's want to be stored... and try it on his machine and see if they run like I remember.

So, another strike against Hobart for me... I have not liked any welding consumables they make. I have a roll of hobart flux core and I don't like it either.
Anyone else have experience with Hobart stuff?

Have not tried their rods but do have one of their MIG welders and really like it. I've run their wire in it, but not flux core. Forney rods have always been readily available around here and I never had any issues with them. I've also had good results with Lincoln rods too.

I always thought that 7018's was the way to go.  Learned over the years 7018 is not as easy to use as one may think.  May want to try some 6011 or 6012 and see if they weld better.  I think the rods I have are Lincoln brand.  Been so long since I've dirt dobbered  I'd have to go find them to make sure.

My Lincoln 7018 AC side by side with Hobart 7018 AC, the Lincoln started better, sounded better, kept an arc better, didn't under cut the flux on the rod as much. Definitely easier to learn on than the Hobart. The Lincoln had my vote... Also turned out the high range on that mastercraft 225 is quite a bit more tired than the low range.

Ulma Doctor:
i have  Hobart 7018,7014, 6011,6010 rods in 3/32, 1/8 and, 5/32
they run fine on AC in my Lincoln Tombstone (with exception of 6010)
they run fine on my Montgomery Wards 230 AC welder (with the exception of 6010)
i can run all of them from the 300amp Powcon on DCEP

Lincoln makes very good rod i have burned more Lincoln than anything.
Forney has been very good too

try turning the amps up or down to find the sweet spot.
i generally weld a little hotter on thicker sections that can take heat, turn it back for thinner sections.

drag angle and arc length can be problem areas, especially if the amps are too low


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