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Need some help on my compressor .. valve

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So a 10' long 4" waste pipe fell vertically on my compressor and bent the steel black pipe, and broke some fittings. While I was getting it back in shape, I took apart the regulator (built into this unit). I think it's a speedair, it's got a dayton motor on it. I rebuilt and painted it quite a number of years ago.
Anyway, there is this tube off the head, that goes to the power box, which is where the mechanism is to turn it on and off based on pressure.  The tube ends with a little valve , that pushes a pin out. When the unit shut off the pin would push out, and be pushed back in by the switch activating. I know that doesn't seem right, but that's what I remember from when I rebuilt it.
Now, it just leaks air, the pin never comes out, when the compressor shuts, no further air comes out of that.
I'm thinking this is the unloader or dump valve ... the compressor is working fine, but I am bothered by the fact it isn't working anymore.

Anyone have experience fixing them, or should I just buy a new one, or leave it alone.

It is the dump valve for the piston cylinders. I wouldn't bother trying to fix it. The seals are likely no good. The shut off switches can be easily replaced for cheap, and often have the dump valve built in. I've replaced several before. The most recent was on my current 5hp machine. I took the old Brunner pipe works out and replaced them all as they were chalked full of rust and gunk.

  This has adjustable cut off pressure & they crap out and leak as you see..... hear.|None~~Pressure+Switch+Port+Type|(1)+Port%2C+1%2F4"+FNPT~~Pressure+Switch+Unloader|1%2F4"+Compression&filters=attrs&searchQuery=compressor+cut+off+swithc+135+-+175&sst=2,4
Most common failure, replaced two now.. first one was a cheapy,  stepped up to a better unit.
Or take your pick

Your bottom picture is the check valve for the tank .



I Agree that the valve in question is the unloader or air exhaust valve. When the pressure switch sees high set pressure, it turns off the motor and raises the protruding lever to raise the pin you mentioned in the unloader. Raising that pin opens the valve and vents the pressure between the pump and the tank check valve. One purpose of venting that pressure is so the motor/pump re-starts with no residual pressure load.

I would take the unloader valve off the tube and try to determine what the actual problem is. It may just need a little cleaning.

If you can't get it to work correctly again, and you have access to a compressor shop, try there to see if they can sell you just the unloader. Otherwise, you should replace the entire pressure switch assembly with one that has an unloader valve included. There's a good chance that a new pressure switch assembly won't be exactly the same as the one you have and may require some re-plumbing.


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