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I thiiiink my Tig welding might be coming along, slowly...
3x3 x 3/16 tube. 3/32 rod, best guess is about 150 amps.

My cut-off stomp pedal had some kind of a complete nervous break down and totally shit the bed tho... Maybe using sheet metal screws was not the *best* option for fasteners... 
But it's been working great for snapping out the arc to allow me to keep sheilding.

I would say, you need to do something better.  One day, that thing is going to evolve into a fireball with your foot in the middle of it! :o

Hahaha. I copied the idea from Jody from weldingtipsandtricks.com. He said he's been using his for decades with no issues. It WAS working great until it just completely fell apart today.
It is currently completely inoperable. One day when I find myself with extra time I'll rebuild it.
If I stop quickly enough to disconnect it doesn't arc. But if I smoosh it too slow the arc jumps across quite far and I can hear it. Lol. And smell wood burning. I might redesign it if I'm feeling frisky. But if it works, it works...

Find you some Micarta sheet material to use in place of the plywood.  It's made to handle high arcing on stuff like this.

slip knot:
Might wanna have the safety crocs on when using that thing :o


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