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Crapy cart modes


Recently the of light of good fortune shined upon me. Was given a completed torch set. Took bout 5 seconds to discover the cart had real problems, 3 major ones...

1. The wheel location is to close to the back of the tank platform. When tilted  back to move, the clearance from the deck to the rear edge of the platform. Unacceptable at 1 inch or less, depending on the angle of tilt.
2 The whole deal is ridiculously sloppy and flexes ..... real HF quality, today's standard of measurement of crap tools.

The kicker, the guy bought the mess from grainger 30 years ago. That would have been just about time the jap radios and other cheap shit started invading America

Junk shot

So it someone may be lucky enough to have one, below is how I solved the problems, last step p&p.

3  Almost forgot, one more nasty little event. Knowing I was going to work over the POS. Removing the tanks, with the regulators. in the storage tray, a striker, and a few odds and ends no real weight. The thing fell backwards and smacked the floor, as the tanks were lifted. 

Just be aware ..


30 years ago would still have been the beginning of the Taiwanese thing, Japan was performing very high in the 80s.


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