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Just picked this up for $150. Never used. Pristine condition. Doesn't have the bevel gear or any hardware. So, I'll have to look up some info and either make some of the items or find them online. Pretty damn happy to fiiiiinaly at least have a power unit in my possession. Jeez, can't beat the price. When I showed up the guy said I was the first person, but said almost 100 people emailed and called within 24 hours. He realized he listed it too cheap.

Around here power feeds don't come up often, very seldom, and when they do they're $500 used, even heavily.
Pretty happy.

Without the bevel gear, that is about the right price in my book.  When you find that gear, probably looking at at least $75 Canadian dollars for it, plus any other missing parts.

You can actually find and buy the parts fairly easily.


That's exactly where the seller told me to look.

Your going to need the adaptor for your mill and a selection of shims and the bolts , did you plug it in and run it ? . Did seller say why it wasn’t used , what kind of mill u putting it on ? . I know to many questions .


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