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Not too many questions! Ask! That's the only way I figure things out.

Yes it runs, very well.
He bought it for a busy bee mill it didn't fit on a decade ago, been sitting since.
It's in perfect shape for something sitting on a shelf or in a drawer.
I have a Bridgeport clone, it's a perfect fit on the stock 4 bolt end plate on the table (I already had the left hand wheel off for a long time cause it interferes with my work bench).
Just need spacers, nuts, gear, etc.

Ulma Doctor:
Nice Score Shawn!
they have plastic/delrin gears and bronze ones as well
the same drive set up is present and came with my BP.
if you need pictures, i can pull mine apart and show you anything you need to see!  :)

I will remember that. Eventually, when I get to it. I should be able to figure it out, but we will see.

At first glance I cannot see what stops the drive from twisting around. There doesn't seem to be any stock-ish mounting holes in the table bracket, but several holes in the drive to put bolts through.

I believe you will find the mod not all that complicated.. Power feeds are relatively standard, having a BP clone is a plus.


Having a bp clone has made a lot of things a lot easier.


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