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I will be welding up a bunch of steel frames and screens to screen my patio.
 The design I have come up with is below.
The blue parts are bifold doors.
The outer frame is 35x5mm flat bar, the verticals are 10mm square.
 Rather than cut the verticals in half with a possible miss alignment at the central cross piece I thought I would drill holes in it to pass the verticals through then tack each one in place top bottom and middle first and finish welding them fully in place once they are all tacked.
 I'm not so worried about mild twist in the flatness of the frame as I think that will disappear once bolted in place around its perimeter.
 What I am unsure about is the twist or distortion that may occur in that middle rail from the welding process.
 Anyone any ideas?

Well, if they do twist a little, bear hug them and twist them the opposite direction to straighten them.  Unless your talking 3" or larger angle iron.

From a carpentry standpoint - donít use a spacing jig, do all your layout and measuring from one point. If youíre laying out one large square with slats, the centre rod, diamonds, top/bottom plates - always measure from the same side. That will give you the best chance you wonít have compounding misalignments. If you use a spacing jig, or a master spacer for each section, if you re off 1/32Ē on your spacing, it will compound.  You could be several inches off by the time you get to the other side. Then for square measure corner to corner. You can also do the 3-4-5 method.
Also, donít underestimate the power of the tack weld. In many cases, no need to weld a whole bead. 90% of the welded gates I encounter, are minimally welded... I always assumed it was because the gate was cheaply built, after talking to a welder in a weld shop, he said itís to reduce distortion, itíll still be just as strong.

Second on the track weld.

Also, Consider adding some weep holes at the bottom to allow condensation to escape.


Not sure how that pic got inserted!
Certainly not in my pic files...



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