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First welding in new shop


Still have a long way to go to be anywhere close to being setup properly. But, day job has some coffee house fixtures to build.

One is a bulkhead that is over the cash counter to help frame the area and act as storage for stock (cups, coffee, etc)

Second is a seating bar (left), and self serve drip coffee stand (right).

The steel is being softly wire wheeled to remove loose millscale then getting polished with a special wax. The finish comes out quite nice. Theme is industrial rustic.

I Tig welded (no filler) the exposed corners of the bar to soften the "hip finders". A 1.5" slab of wood will be made to fit the top. The weird shape is due to the wall layout. The bar area is designed to extend into a store front window area.

Coming together reasonably well. The big table is very nice. The completely disorganized shop... not so much... But I can only waste so much time everyday setting up some other portion of the shop.

Nice work Shawn.


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