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Anyone encounter one of these? Any knowledge of the power feeds? Induma's aren't Bridgeport clones, altho they look similar. The table cranks aren't nearly the same. The regular power feeds don't fit without heavy modification.

Servo Products Company doesn't seem to list the Induma S-1 in any of their product applications.
However, Servo is, IMO, the premier source for aftermarket powerfeeds.
If I had an Induma in need of a power feed, I would call them and pick their brain(s) for applications info.
I assume you're working within a tight budget and don't want to pay a premium price for a premium product.
However, you might get some very useful information by talking to one of their technical reps.

Servo was the first place I started looking because I was reading they might have had something.
I'll give them a call. Otherwise, I guess it's some custom machining in my future.
First tho, I need a dro on it.

Got a 2hp 230v 3ph motor to get rid of the need for 600v.

I'm amazed how cheap we can get VFD's now. Yes, chinese all day long, but they work, it's not for CNC, so what's it matter? And it arrived in a week instead of 45+ days typical of eBay.

Dont know if shipping will be an issue but I buy a bunch of my controls stuff from automation direct.   They have great pricing on everything.  Replaced the motor on the lathe with one of their Iron Horse 3ph cast iron frame units.  It was only like $200    No doubt made in chinga ville but its been working great no complaints.  They sell vfds too.


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