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So a "distant" uncle may send me some money again.  And now may be the time to get myself a present like a DRO setup for my 8520.   But I am an even bigger newb to this topic than machine work in general.   So I found in my mail a catalog from MSC, how convenient!  And they have a few choices for 3 axis kits... definitely NOT cheap! But I'm thinking this may be a better way for me to go, the all in one package that will all work together without any requirements from me to do programming or patching it into a phone..  that kind of thing.

So, ( as Carpenter84 says )  school me!  Any thoughts I may be missing?   

Do you want American or chinese? There's about a thousand dollar difference.

I wouldn't drop any money on MSC.  There are plenty of DRO's listed on eBay and Amazon for a lot less than MSC sells them for.  And in most cases, they are the same one's being offered else where for a lot less money with free shipping on most.  Should be able to get a setup for three axis for around $350 or less, with the correct length scales.

There's a lot of happy customers who bought DRO's from aliexpress for about $250 for 3 axis, me being one of them. Going on about 5 years now and still working like the day I installed them.

They seem to have come down in price--when I bought 3 axis for my mill they were $285  here is a link

I got them in about 2-3 weeks.

Off shore ??  Maybe..    I didn't know any american product was available.

Ebay or similar. I'm not a fan.   My main "thing" is it's a package and will work as a unit.  Since this will probably be a one time purchase that I won't be able to repeat, I'd like to do it right and don't want to cheap out and buy "questionable" quality either. 


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