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Building an Under Arm for my vertical mill to turn it into a horizontal mill

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I have a older Index 645 vertical mill.  I've been wanting for a long time now to put together the things to run horizontal milling cutters like involute gear cutters.  Have the right angle head bought from one of the guys here on MG.  Bought longer milling arbors needed for holding cutters.  Now, I working on making the under arm support for the milling arbors.  The common Bridgeport under arm will not work or fit on the Index mill.  The dovetail is much wider than that on a Bridgeport mill or clone. 
Here are a couple pictures on roughing out the piece of cast iron for part of the under arm. 

More to come

Listen here! you are your easily obtainable cast iron...
That chunk would have cost me a mortgage payment.. IF I could even get a piece that big!

ThisOldTony has a particularly enjoyable video of him making the overarm support for his schaublin mill.

Looks like it'll be a cool project. Looking forward to more.

LoL!!!! :)

I can check again and see if they will ship north of the boarder again....  This piece is only 5-1/4" x 11" lg. x 2-1/4" Thick! That I'm using here.

Matter of fact, I have more of this particular size.  If interested, let me how long of a piece you need and I'll try to get a shipping cost.  :57:  IT's probably 100 times more that what it would cost shipped from Charter Durabar in Woodstock Illinois.

Well. 2x2x18" chunk of iron was $150+ two years ago when I was looking for iron to make a straight edge. I also contacted a local foundry for scraps, no go... Apparently iron is just something totally unusual up here for some reason... And if I bring it in, it's out of this world expensive. I may as well be ordering gold...

chips and more:
What about using global USPS Flat Rate Priority? And Iím not sure? Does the 70lb max still apply on global?


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