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Eyeing a new welder.

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I saved up a bunch of fun money doing side jobs to where buying a new toy before year end is in the plan.  If thereís anything good about paying taxes on the income its getting to deduct from it for tools and equipment!  Pay the gov or buy equipment.  Hmmmm.   So I currently have a Miller Maxstar 150 STL.  Its a great little machine for the little stuff I do in a basement shop but kinda I want to learn to weld aluminum for some jobs I could get but the maxstar 150 is DC only. 
Do any of the welders here have  any thoughts on ESAB??
I am seriously looking at this one. 


Call it Yellow.  but am more familiar with the usual suspects Blue and Red guys.  What led me to it was the fact that it does all the various processes Stick, MIG and AC and DC TIG in one box and supposedly, does them well.  Thatís the part I find skeptical but I have nothing to back it up other than typical Jack of all master of none theory.   I do see good reviews but they could be sponsored.
Some of the things like a lcd screen seem a bit gimmicky too but who knows.   
You know how it is when you focus in on something and fixate. Thatís why I need the gallery to throw anything at me.   

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Those ESB welders are nice.  Watched a guy years back do some stainless-steel welding with one.  Laying dimes on the seams of the sheet metal.  Did a beautiful job!  Me, I'd blow a hole right thru that sheet metal on the first try!

Love to have one, but that brand is way out of my price range, even a nice Miller is out of my range.

I thought my welder uses or used an ESAB. I asked his thoughts on it, I assume he will get back to me tomorrow.
They are awfully snazzy looking units.

I have an old clunker multiprocess machine. Big transformer unit. Heavier than you know what.
I gotta say, when I eventually replace it, it'll likely be for a multiprocess machine. I don't do enough welding to warrant 3 different machines, nor do I do enough to need a high end machine that does one thing really well. I very much prefer and like the flexibility of a multiprocess unit.

I can do aluminum with my machine. But have to do so with an external high frequency box. It's a huge fiasco to set it all up. Being able to stomp on a pedal and snap an arch without having to rub my tummy, pat my head, and align the stars and sun sounds freaking awesome. Hell, even I'm looking forward to whatever you get!

My bad, my welder is a Miller guy. He said he does like ESAB machines, but apparently Miller's service is top notch.

That was my thinking with getting one box machine to cover anything I might foresee doing.  Iím no pro welder thatís for sure so dropping the kind of cash could be viewed as questionable. 
One thing I will be glad to have is a foot pedal and the HF start.   The lift arc on my Miller works ok but I still hate touching the tungsten to the work.  Slowly pressing a pedal and having the arc jump is so much nicer.

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