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One of my many goals this winter (in addition to ice fishing) is to sort and organize many 100s of pounds misc drills, reamers and files. Based on the current "pile system" i need to sort through them all in order to find the one I need. It's not good for the cutting edges and is inefficient at best...

Likely most of you have a better operating plan. Curious if anyone might be willing to share their plan. As always both floor and wall space are limited. I've considered an antigravitational device to keep them suspended in mid air as there is alot of room at ceiling height which is underutilized. However, a ladder gets more difficult every day. And I've had difficulty engineering the switches to raise and lower them via skyhooks.

All suggestions are welcome.
I'm running short on ideas....


I have a couple of drill stands set up for my "go to" reamers, all the rest get the cutting edges wrapped with HF electrical tape to prevent damaged.  Thos I can't read the size on, I either mark the shank with a Sharpie the size, smaller ones, I fold over a piece of tape on the shank and write the size on it.

All my drill bits are kept in drill stands, indexes, and all the extras, I have lots of extras!, are kept in one of those plastic drawer units that have about 72 drawers in it.  Anything over 1/2" S & D shank drills, most are on a wooden block I made years ago, everything else, I have a drawer in a roll a way cabinet that house them all the way up to 1-5/8".

I can take and post pictures if anyone is interested.


--- Quote from: 4GSR on October 28, 2021, 04:33:59 PM --- ...are kept in one of those plastic drawer units that have about 72 drawers in it. ...I can take and post pictures if anyone is interested.

--- End quote ---

I'm interested in what the plastic drawer units look like.
I've also got an array of MT drills from MT1-MT4 and files.
None of these were new when they got here. But they aren't well cared for in my current system.
Counter space for drill stands is scarce. But I gotta do something.

Trying to talk my bride into sorting them for me. Well... only the drills, reamers and misc nuts, bolts and screws....


Here's what I bought.


They also have one that is steel housing with plastic drawers.  I bought this one for storing my end mills in.  Need to get one for my tap collection, too.



I like the sizing!!



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