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I found this at the Long Beach swap (for those of you familiar with SoCal). I'm not sure why it wasn't snagged early at the price the vendor wanted - maybe it's the brand marking although to me these are hard to find - especially in good shape. This one has been repainted in a couple spots and the chrome bits are a bit rusty but otherwise it's in great shape including the felts. A good cleaning and a few minutes with a vacuum and it'll be great shape. In general I'm of kind of mixed mind about Kennedys. They are decent enough boxes but around here seem to go for silly money and to be honest brown is pretty far from my favorite color. But the drawers are perfect for stuff I'll put in it which is typical machinists stuff.

It's a Kennedy made Craftsman and to me that makes it interesting. It didn't have a key but it's easy enough to make one or get one.

chips and more:
Great find! I live up north from you. But when I visit the LA area, I go to the LB Swap Meet. I have also found great things there. It was mid-day and nobody bought all this watchmaker machinery. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Thank goodness I drove that time instead of flying! The trunk (wife’s car!) was full of metal on the way home. Need I say anymore…Dave

Nice grab as that is a good box. Who cares what the brand marking is as it is quality. The shallow drawers are great for many machinist tools and gauges so they don't have stuff piled on them and are easy to see and protected by the felt. Having to clean chips out the felt means it was a working man's box.

Chips did you get the watchmakers stuff from Neil? He had a bunch of it and still has a box of crystals. There is another vendor that sets up in the same isle with Neil and his brother that had some lathe parts he thought were watchmakers stuff including a tiny dividing head.

DeadNutz the Craftsman brand actually made it more desirable to me because it is hard to find in my experience - this is the first one I have seen in the flesh. Someone used it but treated it care. A little dirt and a few chips don't bother me.

chips and more:
I have no idea on the guys name, sorry. And what I got was mostly Waltham Watch factory machine stuff, no watch/clock parts to speak of. If you saw a small dividing head, that could have been the vender. AND DARN IT, I had room in the trunk for that!!!!!


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