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Lead screw chatter..?

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For your consideration.
This is my Y feed (obviously...). That chatter is coming from the lead screw in the nuts. When I got the mill I tore it down to clean it up and replaxe some items. I replaced the brass nuts with ones I made myself. X side is great, no issues, Y side chatters like this. Started about a year after. Mine are the two separate nuts, not the ones split half way in two. When I reinstalled them, I did a half way decent job to adjust the collar nut to adjust the backlash. X is .021", y is .009".
I'm wondering if when I threaded the nuts I went too deep or wide and there's not enough engagement? And it's chattering between the two nuts? Or, they need to be adjusted a bit tighter? I have a one shot oiler that I use regularly, but the Y side only gets whatever cascades down from the X nut. There's lots of oil, but what drips down out of the bottom of the Y nut is pretty thick with brass.
I fear if I jam a bunch of grease in there it'll just quiet a potential issue....

What is that picture of?

Looks like a rorschach test.  I see a pigeon.

Watching the video it sounds like the screw is slipping through the threads.

50% of the bridgeports I've ever worked on had that obnoxious Y chattter (intermittent, and always happens when you're trying to take a finish cut) , even the one fresh from the rebuild shop. Switch to Vactra No. 4 in the lubricator and it promptly goes away.


Oh weird, I see an eagle.
Itís the oil from the bottom of the brass nut sparkly with brass. I can see how the image is not all that great. Haha


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