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Alan H:
I have a 3.5HP Kobalt two cylinder Atlas Kopco CI air compressor in my shop that will raise the dead (and my wife upstairs at 6:30 a.m.) when it comes on.  I wanted something quieter for low volume service like a Fogbuster.  I looked into all sorts of alternatives and found California Air Compressor (CAT) and others who now produce super quiet units.  Of course they are far lower flow than my big unit but they are very quiet.  After much research, comparing, and calling I bought a CAT4610ALFC. 

A friend here asked me to post up a short review. 

I believe I received the compressor late December last year.  I bought it from Zoro via a flash sale and it was shipped direct from the manufacturer. 

The 4610ALFC Ultra Quiet Industrial Series compressor uses aluminum hot dog tanks and what CAT refers to as their 1 HP industrial pump/motor and claim a life of 4000 hours.   It weighs 44 lbs. 

I spoke with CAT's sales folks before I bought it and found out that their pumps and motors come from China. They assemble their compressor units in their San Diego facility. Some of their tanks come from Mexico. Their on/off control switches are Condor (a name I am familiar with). They claim there is a significant physical difference between the more expensive industrial motor/pump units they offer. For example the industrial version uses different Teflon for the rings but they were reluctant to discuss too much on the differences and claimed that was proprietary. They came across as honest and straightforward and were very careful not to make BS claims. They seemed naturally concerned about managing customers expectations in terms of flow rate capacities and performance.

I have found the unit to be absolutely leak free thus far.  It will sit for weeks and not drop a pound.  It is truly remarkable how quiet it is.  They claim 60 db and I believe it.  I have used it hooked up to my larger compressor tank as a receiver and run the Fogbuster off the CAT instead of the big compressor.  I had imagined locating the compressor in the vicinity of my machine tools/Fog buster but have found that this arrangement works really well.  I simply use my shop air header and it works so well it is still sitting where it first landed, although I put it on a small moving dolly so I can roll it around.

It is reasonably light but at 44 pounds but you don't throw it around.  I have hauled it to an offsite garage and found that it is what I would call portable.  Otherwise it sits next to its loud brother and it is used when the Fogbuster is running or other air requirements are low. 

I haven't had it long enough or used it enough to really put it a long term test on it but my experience with it thus far gives me absolutely no buyer's remorse.   I would buy it again.

Hope this helps. 


Is that in your living room? ;D

Thanks for the review!
I am considering going this way when I replace my current compressor......I'd like to NOT worry anymore about the tank(s) rusting out.

Nice unit Alan. A buddy of mine has one (single tank) and is very quiet.

Alan H:

--- Quote from: 4GSR on August 22, 2018, 08:19:03 PM ---Nice!

Is that in your living room? ;D

--- End quote ---
Yes, it is my living space!  I spend lots of time there. 

Reality is that my shop is in my basement.  When I had the house built, it was built specifically for a full basement for shop and garage.  That is good and bad.  Good is that I have a decent shop.  Bad is that I need to keep it reasonably clean to keep the filth out of the house.  I have currently have three dust collectors (soon to be only two) and several vacs.  I must admit that I am a neat freak as well. 


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