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6" Craftsman jointer rebuild

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Jake Parker:
I was given a 6" jointer that was left to die behind a cabinet shop.
The bearings were growling, so they retired it insted of repairing it.

Had one that looked just like that but didn't think it was a Craftsman. Good jointer but a bear to get the knives set dead level to the fixed out feed table.


Jake Parker:
I had to build a temporary cradle to hold the bed, and support the bearing while I pressed the shaft out. This process took about 2 weeks. It would move a little, then sieze up. I just excercised a little patients, and a lot of penetrating oil (a 50/50 solution of automatic transmision fluid and acetone).
I sandblasted the head, the blade holders, and some of the infeed supports last weekend.

Jake Parker:
This morning I sandblasted and painted the bed and infeedtable.

Jake Parker:
Greg, Im rebuilding it to flip it, so the blades will be someone elses problem!
I have a man whos definantly interested. He use to do concrete work, and it so happens I need a 14'x18' slab poured for "shop extension #1" so I may be doing some bartering.


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