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BP clone leaking oil

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Seems my supermax mill is leaking oil more than it used to. The spindle oil cup doesnít keep oil in it very long, anyone know if thereís a seal in there or what might be going on ? Itís slinging oil around
Iím using 10w spindle oil in both the quill and spindle cups as per manual

Yeah, fun isn't it?  I suggest using a 20-30 wt oil, unless your spinning the spindle over 1200 RPM's.  3 to 4 large drops of oil daily is all it needs. The more you put in it, the more that leaks out.  Just a little bit daily is all it needs.  If you can add a drip oiler to the head, do that and regulate the needle to one drop every two to three minutes or so.  And that is still too much at times.

As for adding a oil seal to the lower bearing cap, you can try it.  Make a whole new cap so that way if it don't work right, you can always put it back to original.


My ex boss has a wartime Richmond (?) heavy duty drill press with huge bearing play.  A brass plate identified the seller to a London, England address. 
  It was wore out by 1954 and never retired.  We put sticky truck axle grade oil in the gearbox and before big jobs in the cups.   
    The leak runs down the quill and over the chuck onto the drill nit and work.   We simply call it an auto oiling feature.

I've seen Bridgeport mills go weeks on end, even months on end before someone squirted some oil in the cups.  It was generally me that did it, too.  Gorton mills are set up the same way, too.  At least they had a drip oiler that you could control the amount of oil it let go.  Bad thing to that, if you forgot to turn it off at the end of the day, vise and table was generally covered with oil the next day!


The mill runs quiet, maybe itís the 100* heat thinning the oil, but is there somthing in there to retain the oil or slow it down?.


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