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BP clone leaking oil

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--- Quote from: dlane on July 10, 2018, 08:44:25 PM ---The mill runs quiet, maybe itís the 100* heat thinning the oil, but is there somthing in there to retain the oil or slow it down?.

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There's really not anything in the spindle to retain the oil in the spindle.

You want it to drain thru, that's how it keeps the oil fresh in the bearings and run cool.  If you retain the oil, the bearings will run hot with all that oil churning in the bearings, not good!  Just back off on feeding it oil and feed the spindle a few drops of oil a day and you'll be fine. 

In high dollar CNC machine tools, the oil is recirculated, filtered and injected into the bearings as a mist, that amounts to a few drops of oil per minute.  Those bearings are three times bigger than that on your size mill.


You could take a look at the spindle cup oiler and pack it a little tighter possibly.  Generally there is a felt plug and a wick of sorts
to control the drain rate.  If the packing has dislodged, the symptoms you mention will be evident.

 Purchased a mill, and listing to others bought Spindle oil, Mobil 1. Noticed that when the mill sat talking days here. The table and vise became wet, as the oil was weeping.

No one likes oil leaks, when all else fails .....go to the user manual. I'm posting what I learned  for the discussion, not suggesting it's a fix for others.

It did help, and has controlled the problem significantly.

Oils are classified according to their viscosity. There are several viscosity indexes, the main ones being ISO (International Standards Organization) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). SAE adds another complication with different indexes for engine and gear oils, further sub-divided into lists with and without the suffix W, meaning "multigrade". Mistaking SAE engine oil for gear oil can be an issue; for instance, SAE 20 engine oil has about the same viscosity as SAE 80 gear oil, both roughly equivalent to just one number on the ISO scale, ISO 68.
Recommended lubricants
Gearbox: ISO 68, such as SAE 80W90 auto gear oil, or Mobil DTE Heavy/Medium circulating oil (about 2 qts.)

Ball oilers (X and Y leadscrews): ISO 32 oil, such as 3-IN-ONE (the "motor oil" version of this brand is heavier, about ISO 68, but it can also be used)
X, Y and Z axis ways (dovetails): ISO 68 oil, such as Mobil Vactra No. 2, or equivalent
Power feed (visible gears), quill rack and pinion, Z-axis helical gears: light general purpose grease, NLGI No. 2, or equivalent
X and Y leadscrews: ISO 68 oil, such as Vactra No. 2 or 3-IN-ONE Motor Oil
Z leadscrew: ISO 68 oil or NLGI No. 2 grease


--- Quote from: dlane on July 10, 2018, 10:34:52 AM ---Seems my supermax mill is leaking oil more than it used to. The spindle oil cup doesnít keep oil in it very long, anyone know if thereís a seal in there or what might be going on ? Itís slinging oil around
Iím using 10w spindle oil in both the quill and spindle cups as per manual

--- End quote ---

Mine does that too. Same stuff 10W spindle oil.    I chalk it up to me pulling the pipe cleaner looking wick thingy out thinking it was someones dumb idea.  In reality, I have come to realize it was in there for a good purpose.    IMO its good and bad having the oil perpetually leaking.  Bad when I forget to wipe up before turning on the spindle.  So many shirts strafed with oil stains and it tastes bad!   Good because it forces me to wipe down the spindle area and keeps everything nice and clean.  Always fresh oil purging thru.  This is how I find my mill when I haven't run it in awhile.  Definite oil dripping from upstairs.


PJB's mill is what you want to see from oiling.  And it don't take much oil per day of running either.  As I said, just a few drops is all it needs per day. 

And please don't put gear lube in there for spindle lube.  That will destroy a precision set of bearings almost over night.



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