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I'll kick off this forum section with the build of my hand scraper. Scraping is bench work afterall.

With me attempting to rebuild my lathe, it was prime time for me to finally learn how to scrape.
Ken was beyond generous to send me some scraper blades a couple weeks ago, I started building the handle for them tonight.
Used some stainless flat bar 3/16 x 1. The block turned out to be some kind of tool steel I had in a drawer, because when I brazed the pin in, I accidently hardened the block. Lol. Gonna be tricky to drill the countersink now... I'm copying an Anderson scraper handle style.

I put a pin in the setup to keep the clamp straight. Tomorrow I will get a countersink socket cap screw 1/4-28 and cut the chamfered countersink.

My co-workers in-law grandfather does wood turning. I may ask if he can fashion me a few handles, and maybe some file handles too.
Previously I was looking up Anderson scraper handles and by Anderson's chart, for my height, I need a 22" scraper. So, that's what I'll make. More than enough material here.

Looking Good Shawn!

Yea man.. looking good.
Now go make a nice handle and go practice.

I've asked my workmate to ask his grandfather in-law. He does wood turning. I'm going to request a couple different handle types for the scraper and if he's willing a few file handles too.

Go swipe the handle off your wife's good butcher knife and splice it on your scraper blade. ;D


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