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Dyna myte cnc mill


Owner says hardly used , comes with tool holders no tooling, $2000.00 .
Anyone heard of them ? , this is the guy I got my mill from hes retiring, he owns a real nice machine shop I guess hes selling out . Seems like a cheep price for a cnc mill.


I found this small writeup on this machine.
Other than a smaller working envelop (10'x7"x10"), it appears to be a nice machine.

I've been looking for replacement for my little Syil X4+ which is about the same size. My Spindle motor or drive is bad and no parts to be had.

Not many used machines of that size out there and those that are there are either clapped out or very expensive. That machine, with a tool changer and tool holders I think it is a fantastic deal. Even better if it has flood cooling and the other goodies that the article suggests.

If that is a working size you want I'd say go for it. If you think it is too small for you (remember - it's really, really small  ;D ) let me know & I'll come to Cal. & pick it up!


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