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Small Shop Milling Job.


Today, I had to cut a broken 3/8 stud/bolt out of a pump casing, the casing half is almost 10 thick. So I thinking the Jet JVM-836 or the Infamous Franken-Mill, would be required, but I set the casing half on the Rockwell table, for table clean up on the Jet, it became obvious the Rockwell (Rocky), vertical mill was close to being capable of the job.

After removing the 4 Shars milling vise, with the knee at its lowest position, there was almost 17 between the bottom of the ER 32 collet chuck, to the top of the aluminum milling table adapter, I made, so with a 1/4 end mill, I was able to cut out the broken stud/bolt, thus saving the pump casing.

I was really surprised by the amount of head space available on the Rockwell mill. As it is a real small floor stander, I had passed on buy one of these mills 3 or 4 times, because of their size. Now that I have one, Im constantly surprised on what the mill is capable of doing.

A few months ago, I went from 1/2hp to 1hp on the repower/motor change, Im beginning to think maybe I should have went to a 1-1/2hp or 2hp motor.


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