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Old, lonely, and forgotten...

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Slow night...

What's one do with an old, emptied out b-port head sitting under his bench? Gets in the way more often than not. Too stubborn to give it away. Too emotional to throw it away... Still some usable parts. Mostly just a shell. It looks sad down there in the dirt...

Hold onto it. There's no reason to get rid of it, right. You never know. You may find someone who needs some parts and you can rescue them, or make a swap. Or a part on the head would be perfect for what you need.

If it's that lonely, just send it to me. I'll put it with the rest of my "Some day" stuff so it has company. LOL

That's why she sits there... All upside down, dirty, and lonely. Almost makes you sad..

The spindle was just sitting on top, like in the picture. I pulled it out and started inspecting it. The collar on the tapered side is in better shape than mine, and, with the exception of the broken R8 guide pin, the taper seems like it is smoother too... But who knows without spinning this up some how.
The bearings aren't the smoothest thing in the world but it's hard to tell, it's all SUPER dirty.

I may pull the back gear bearing and see if it's better than mine. Mines shot I'm pretty sure. But last time I had this head on the bench, the pulleys wouldn't turn. I never looked into why. Maybe soon...

I've got one as well. Silly thing is that I've not been a BP fan. Used them exclusively at the Tech School. I prefer the Cincy.
Perhaps should check to learn which of us needs what parts and then make at least one good head (if not two).



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