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V-belts, Metric vs Imperial
« on: July 08, 2021, 10:00:14 AM »
I recently have experienced an issue with the V-belts on my Mahindra tractor.
The OEM belts were of German manufacture and, in my opinion, junk. They were soft and stretchy, notched type belts. When one of them broke, I noticed the inside diameter notched were stripping off the belts. The pulleys are of standard type, not toothed or notched. Anyway, when one of them broke, I found the condition described above and went to my local farm store to find replacements.
The broken OEM belt size was 13 mm x 1100 mm. My local store doesn't carry metric sizes, but I figured a 1/2" x 43" should work. It turned out that I had to get a 1/2" x 44" belt, but seemed to be a bit wide for the pulleys even though 13 mm mathematically equated to just over 1/2".
After running it a while, I found the belt loose again as it seemed to have wore off the sides of the belt making it necessary to replace it again. The only components this belt drives is the alternator and (what I assume is) an emissions control pump.

What I'm wondering is if there's a difference in the way v-belts are measured between metric and imperial such that I should find a metric sized replacement  and/or find a notched type belt as the ones sold at my local store are not the notched type ?
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Re: V-belts, Metric vs Imperial
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I think the "notches" are intended to allow the belt to operate with (easier to bend over) smaller diameter pullies.
What are the diameters of the pullies engaged with the belt?

You didn't mention the brand of the replacement belt. Stick with GATES brand if possible.

I found the following link (searched "13mm V-belts"). Maybe they can help.

I don't know if there is a difference between the included angle of metric vs our standard V groove/belts. I hope not.

McMaster also sells metric sized belts. Take a look.