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Evaporust for cleaning
« on: January 01, 2024, 10:07:36 AM »
Has anyone here ever used evaporust for cleaning tools? For over 40 years I have always used the wire wheel on my bench grinder for cleaning tools and have always had very positive results with that.

Yesterday,  I decided to try using evaporust to clean a rusty drill bit gauge that I got with some other tools I bought. The gauge is made of stainless steel but I didn't think that would matter. After soaking in the stuff about 18 hours the gauge is as black as a crow and totally unreadable. Fortunately I can afford to dump this one as I already have several others that are just fine. However, now I don't think I am going to use the stuff on a mildly rusted set of V blocks and a couple of small machinist squares that I had intended to soak in the stuff. I don't want to risk the same thing happening to those tools as well. I now intend to go back to the wire wheel for those. Anyone here have any experiences like what I shared from using evaporust?
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Re: Evaporust for cleaning
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So yes, evaporust makes things black. But thereís a solution. If you use some steel wool and scrub the parts a few times through the cleaning process the finish will improve. I have used evaporust many many times. Including to derust aerospace parts that are likely flying at this moment.
The stuff works very well. But the parts do need some polishing after.

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Re: Evaporust for cleaning
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I you leave the part(s) in the evaporust for too long a time. Then yes, the results will leave the surface black. But, can be easily cleaned with scrubbing. I only do the evaporust trick for about 1-2 hours. Most of the time thatís all the time that is needed. If not, I will repeat same story. I like evaporust very much. Have been using the same batch for a while now. It looks terrible, smells and no longer has the original color but still works.


Re: Evaporust for cleaning
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I use it on all kinds of things.   I have also had the black look after leaving it to long, but was able to polish it back out.   I even use it on some stiff I thought would not work on. HOwever it did and saved me some money.   Mine is dark colored and is not as fast as it was to start with.  But still working.   
One time it was low and did not cover the object so I just purchased another gallon and put it in with the old and kept going.   Still using it today.   
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