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Ran across this video today and thought I pass it on for those that want to check their  surface plate for accuracy.

This guy has videos on re-surfacing your surface plate for accuracy, too.  Quite interesting.  I've see this done in person several times over the years at places I've worked at. And also the use of the Repeat-O-Meter.



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I've been watching Rob Renzetti for a year or 2 now.
great stuff, great engineering , great machinist.

A real high level of understanding of stresses and you name it..
Clausing 8520   SB Model 9a - power hacksaw, Milwaukee band saw in a table.  Delta Rockwell Surface Grinder (not online yet .. being rebuilt where am I going to stick this)
For pics:


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I'm impressed with what he has done.  I'm adding him to my list.