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At hospital again with mom. She fell backwards down two steps and split her scalp. They are doing a CAT scan now. 82 and a two step fall so they are a bit worried.

I stop in almost everyday and check on things.

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Re: Where is everyone?
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Iím not that old yet (getting close). But I do know that falling down at my age ainít as easy as it was when I was a kid. When I fall now I donít just bounce back LOL. I stay down, might even have lunch down there LOL, assess things and then try and get up. Hope your mom gets well soon.


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It's been cold when I wanted to get into the shop..  and we had a warm weekend recently but I told the wife we'd go visit some friends for that weekend.

I'll be interested in the wood thread tool/equipment.  The wife has these tapestries ( look like rugs to me!!)  that she wants to hang on the wall, she bought 1 hanger figuring I could duplicate the piece.  It uses some wooden bolts!  3 of these wooden bolts with a board to clamp the rug tight.  then it gets hung.

I made 1 with machine bolts from the backside so no visible fasteners.  I thought it was clever...  she said I failed!  8-( 
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I was doing well right up until new years. I got the flu (assuming at a new years party) and have just been pretty lethargic ever since then. that and the cold and the short days. Meh. I'll get back to it sooner or later here. I did order my VFD, but there are a lot of other protection components to wire in, so it might not be a same day installation. Time will tell, but I should be getting it in the mail today if the snow doesn't screw that up.

Before Christmas I had a bunch of good projects going. I took a few days off, and wound up with a 5 day weekend for both Christmas and new years. I forgot to coordinate with my wife, and she ended up not having any time off. So I had lots of shop time. Ended up mostly doing welding projects. I'll have to take some pictures when I get home and upload.

I built a 2" receiver that bolts on the back of my ATV. Yamaha sells a kit, so I basically "designed" and built something identical. All i needed to buy was a "weld on" 2" receiver tube and some U bolts. about a $30 project where Yamaha want's $100 for their kit.

I also had a bench grinder mounted to my workbench. It vibrated the bench really bad though. I welded a bunch of scrap together and made a pedestal, filled it with sand too. I think it weighs around 150lbs.

The painful thing I did was re-line a 25 gallon gas tank.I had the kit in my shop for about 6 months, putting this off because I knew it wasn't going to be fun. It did not disappoint. But, it's done now. Hoping to God it's done well enough to not have to worry about it ever again.
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Need more people who actually post things vs sign up and lurk.   Not sure how get that to happen.  Might just be there needs to be a critical mass in terms of numbers.  In the meantime 10 of us can enjoy our little echo chamber LOL!   
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Re: Where is everyone?
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Every forum goes through its surges of activity, and brief periods that are rather quiet. It is a common thing, and I would not lose any sleep over it. Granted, it is nice to see constant activity, but on the other hand there are forums out there that are so large that a person simply cannot review all of the posts, and you have to pick and choose the ones that look interesting. Our group here is small enough that I can keep up with all of it, even if I only get in here on the weekends. 

The members of a smaller group also get to know each other so much better, creating more of a social community where we are all linked by similar interests. The large forums are just a bunch of guys that have similar interests but barely know each other. I'll take the social aspect over the common bond any day of the week.

It is that social bond that brought many of us here after the fiasco over at we-all-know-where. Those of us that had gotten to know each other rather well came here to retain what we had before
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10 to 1 rule. For everyone that posts on post there are 10 lurkers and readers.


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Working on the new (to us) small house, nothing worth posting about.
I am suffering greatly from shop withdrawal symptoms as I only get to read about it at the moment.
The original numbnuts owner laid crushed rock/concrete up the whole side of the house and it taking ages to level and remove whats not required. (and get it from inside the house, car, anything it can settle on etc)
As its under cover its always dry so gets blown everywhere.
The cheapest option I've found it to level it and lay artificial grass over it. So thats the plan.
The extra grit/dust will be used to fill the support stacks for the aquaponics units and get them to an even stepped slope for water flow.
Still heaps to do before we move in and I move the shop.
Being a cheapskate I tend to want to do all the work myself rather than employ anyone else.