Author Topic: Selling Iscar, Ingersoll, Greenleaf, ZCC.CT Carbide Inserts, & Much More here  (Read 390 times)


Get rid of the shipping. A package of inserts can be sent first class for $3.50.


any certain item your looking at? i can change shipping


I wouldn't mind getting a YG Throw away insert but need to figure out the size I need.
My comment was just a general one from a buyers point of view. I know someone has to pay for shipping however.


That insert never made it out in industry very good.  And trying to find a holder fir it, that's another story.
Give me a lay down or on edge threading insert and I'd be happy.  Right now, I have three lifetime supplies of any insert I use including threading inserts.
Thanks for sharing,



Did not realize the Holder for this Style insert was that hard to get your hands on. I will have to do some research on this. I do Currently have one that i use for this style.
Thank you for your feed back


Here are a Few Inserts Selling in my Store

Click Link Below to view Store

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What do you have in a seet12t3dm for aluminum?

First 9x42 column mill,
Enterprise 10x28 lathe,
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Fully stocked wood shop.


I do not carry anything for this make in aluminium Cutting i am sorry but i do in the Ingersoll Brand
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Price Lowered on Items Below:

30 - Packs of Iscar Penta 24N198-22081-IC908 Threading Inserts for $20.00 per pack (Free Shipping)

47 - Packs of ZCC.CT CCMT09T304-HF/CCMT3(2.5)1-HF_YBC252 Turning Inserts for $20.00 per Pack (Free Shipping)

21 - Packs of Iscar CNMG 433-M3P / CNMG 120412-M3P IC8250 $50.00 per Pack (Free Shipping)

36 - Packs of ZCC.CT VNMG160404-DF_YBC252 Turning Inserts for $20.00 per Pack (Free Shipping) ... pg=&_from=