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Re: Touch DRO for Original iGaging Absolute Origin scales
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Okay, possible kick in the teeth today.
Everything was going great until I got to the calibration procedure for Touch DRO. Two of the scales calibrated just fine, but the other was coming in at about a third of the CPI of the other two.
What I discovered was a difference in the manufacture between the scales. I need to do a new run with my O-scope and data logger to try and figure out if it's a difference in the readhead or the scale tape.
I you have multiple these scales, an easy test to see if they're all the same is plug each scale in to the same OEM display unit and run the readhead down the scale. Look for any big jumps in position and/or a change in position that isn't correct, i.e move it 3 inches and display only shows a change of 1 inch or move 3" and changes by 8" or 9".
This won't tell you which version you have, just if they are all the same type.
I try inserting the pictures of the interior boards of the scales.

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Re: Touch DRO for Original iGaging Absolute Origin scales
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Ah, having a DRO should be great, the past 2 days I have struggled with mine. Stupidity on my part.  When using dials, certain things are known, like what direction you are traveling in and which direction any offset should be in.. Over and over I made mistakes over the last 2 days. I wound up with 3 scrapped pieces. My center finder diameter is .2
I hit X .1 and moved the .2175... The direction was -... so I moved -.2175...   :'(     F''''' I should have put in -.1 not .1... needless to say I was off quite a bit.

So I feel kicked in the teeth also.. Things I have found it useful for , and things like this, well I have found it frustrating.

And then I broke the wrench for my Clausing 8520. The one that came with my mill was a 1/4 drive turned upside down and welded to a wrench.. The weld sucked... And today it gave way... I'll get it welded up Wed. but it just felt like I was wasting time. I hope I have learned something and won't make the same mistake again, but I have a feeling this is one of those things I'll repeat again, and again.

Hope you get your dro controller / reader worked out.
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For pics:


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Re: Touch DRO for Original iGaging Absolute Origin scales
« Reply #32 on: February 25, 2019, 10:13:43 PM »
I have no idea what version mine are. If the temps start to moderate a bit I may just take a peek at all three of mine to see what they are.

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