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I  need to drill and taper some small holes and looking for advice on options besides a tapered drill bit.
The holes will be starting off at 3/8" straight bore that tapers to a 1/4" bore.
The desired final product would be a 2"-3" bore 3/8" diameter that tapered to a 1/4" bore that is 1"-2" long.
I'd like a longer taper section than the natural geometry of a drill bit taper has. The only option I can think of would be to grind a gentler taper on a 3/8" drill bit, but not sure if this is a good idea.

Bill Gruby:
 Use a smaller drill than needed and REAM with a tapered reamer.

 "Billy G"

chips and more:
Maybe look into using a “taper pin reamer”. Them come numbered. The number designates its size. And I’m not sure what number/size you want. And not sure on the taper/foot.

I'm a bit confused.. 2-3" bore 3/8" dia tapers to 1/4" bore 1-2" long?

Is it a tapered slot?

As far as the tapered reamers, that's likely what you want. Once the above is a bit better clarified, I'm sure one of is can help with figuring out the right reamer.

I'm wanting to try making a pelletizer to compress corn stover into burnable pellets for my pellet stove. For this, I need to make a die to compress the material through.
I've measured the commercially available wood pellets at 0.25" diameter and figured I could increase the pressure by starting with a larger size hole that tapers to the desired 0.25" diameter.
I'll have to check on a tapered reamer, thanks.


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