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T slot mill
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I have not thought very much about the machining steps for a T slot. Looking at an add advertising mills, I see the picture of a T slot being cut.

Dawns on me, no cutters on the shank, so a T slot requires a minium of two machining processes.

Or am I missing something ?

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 You are correct, if no shank cutter you will need two.

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Same for WoodWorking...
And even though Dovetail cutters can cut in one op, the recommended way in ww is to cut the minor with a straight  or upcut tool, then cut the dovetail. So 2 ops as well.
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Crazy the way we can stare at the forest and not see trees ... Laughed at myself realizing the goof ..  :)

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Machining “T” slots can be challenging. The slot could need more than two cutter sizes because of the chip load. And it would be a really good idea to have a flood of coolant to wash away the chips/swarf. Or you could have a disaster on your hands. And that’s just a few of many reasons!


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The last one's I cut in a cast iron table top for a cross slide on a lathe, I used the mister with out coolant.  So essentially, was blasting air for chip removal.  Yeah, they play havoc when they build up chock off the cutter.


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Haha just got done using a little ity bitty T-slot cutter a few minutes ago to make o-ring grooves.   Much easier doing OD cuts on Nylon vs full diameter buried in steel!   
A technique I have seen on t slots is to go slightly deeper in Z with the initial mill than the bottom depth of the finished slot.   It relieves the center face on the cutter from rubbing.
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