Author Topic: A very interesting talk on the Skunk works and some lessons for modern businesse  (Read 226 times)


I just found this and was hooked all the way through.
 Very interesting and so are his other presentations.Long but very worth the time


Back in 1990 at a place I worked at, we established a in house "skunk works" to quickly develop products for our customers needs.  It was based off some of the readings of these guys.  For six years it did great until Baker Hughes made us shut it down after they took over.  What a shame! We only had a team of ten of us doing the jobs of many. 


typical corporate mentality.  Don't analyze what works well, just go in there and change everything to your way of thinking.

Or when instituting new procedures and programs, when there's a problem change the whole thing, don't tweak it.. That way someone can take credit for fixing the mess... by replacement, rather than by adjustment.. of course that process is probably failing too, and needs tweaking so it's rinse and repeat time.
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