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Last word stand wiggle...
« on: October 07, 2019, 08:16:57 PM »
My last word stand has developed an annoying wiggle in the fine adjust hinge. It pivots back and forth under the screw. Is there a way to tighten this area? Tightening the screws for the arm above does nothing. And the taper pin in the hinge of the lower shaft is tight... Any ideas? I don't want to wreck this thing, I like it...

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Re: Last word stand wiggle...
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Send it to me and I'll take care of it for you.

I have one I'll go dig it up and look at it.  Used one almost daily at a place I worked at in my college days.  I didn't really care for it.  Finally bought a Craftsman mag base from Sears back then to use with a Craftsman 1" travel indicator.  Have no clue what happen to the indicator.  Believe it or not still have the mag base.  It's been repurposed as a mag base for the cross slide for the lathes.  I'll go grab the Starrett base and I'll try to report back tonight.


Re: Last word stand wiggle...
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Mine has the same slop in the fine adjustment.  And that's what I remember of the one's from 40 something years ago.  I took mine apart, the pivot pin is a straight pin about .105" in diameter.  It's not tapered.  I might change that if I have any tapered pins that small.  I have reamers, that's not a problem.  I also measured the width of the slot and the thickness of the tongue. The slot was .129" wide at the bottom and about .125" at the top where the knuckle joint attaches.  The tongue measured .120" the full length.  So there is definitely a slop problem. 

I would make a brass shim to place in there to take up some of the slop.  I don't think you will eliminate all of it.  The shim will just make it a little better.