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Fly Cutter
« on: July 07, 2020, 10:35:18 PM »
New fly cutter.
I need a wider fly cutter.
I was going to buy a tormach holder and inserts until I lost my job Monday.
Now, I may make the insert holder. Just have to see if I can get cheaper inserts initially until I land back on my feet... which I think will be difficult given my age and covid 19.

Until I decide on the tooling, I may use a brazed insert if I have the right looking tooling. Or just go HSS.

Whatever this material is , it's really nice to work with. It was a roller of some sort 2" solid steel bar. Machines really well, chips are nice.

Right now, I may need to take this out of the mill and work on it again later. But it should be easy to align now that I have a groove to index on. The cutter will be on center so I left some room to adjust, once I get/make the tool holder

Clausing 8520   SB Model 9a - power hacksaw, Milwaukee band saw in a table.  Delta Rockwell Surface Grinder (not online yet .. being rebuilt where am I going to stick this)
For pics:


Re: Fly Cutter
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I have two here that my dad and I made way back fifty years ago!  I was 13 years old back then when we made them.  Broke off several taps trying to tap that tool steel we made them out of.  Later, we bought a junker tap burner and finally burned out those taps.  Ken