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Thanks Jeff, its just heavy wall square tube, welded, then welded to a plate with a "V" section filed out to fit over the "V" on the bed and bolted down.
The feet are oil soaked hardwood blocks.
Originally it had two small roller bearings on each leg but they collapsed after about 2 hours work so I was in a hurry and replaced them with the hard wood. 
Kept those ever since as they appear to work well.


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The touch up to the bored hole went perfect, a very nice slip fit with no wobble.
 Then I taper bored the inside leaving 1" of the original a straight 1.25" dia.
 Then decided to taper the outside for looks.
 I've only finished one so the other block has to be reduced to the same size and shape,
I have to remove the top corner of the black triagonal section so the eyepieces can fit closer together.
 Approximately where the mark is by my thumbnail.
 This diagonal unit is plastic so I expect to replace it with a better higher quality version assuming the system works as hoped.
Cant start the next one till I clear the chips up from this one.


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Be careful there, all those swarfs could be hazardous to your health according to California proposition 65 something!  ;D

Great work your doing there and thanks for sharing.