Author Topic: Surface grinder screw protector.. what's it called, and where would I source it.  (Read 2676 times)


You may have some luck with "shock boots". They are the accordian looking covers on motorcycle shocks.
We used 4x4 off-road shock boots to cover springs and hydraulic cylinder rods exposed to the weather (especially ice) on ski lifts. Worked better and lasted longer than the OEM rubber boots. A search for "off-road suspension" should get you a couple hundred sources!


I used a pc of SS tube I had that just so happen to fit in the back of the leadscrew nut housing.  There was a recessed c-bore that had felt packing to keep oil in and grit out.  I just jammed the tube in and viola..   The front side of the screw is pretty well covered and most of it is towards the back side in the tube.  Not perfect but its what I did.
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