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Brian's 5 cylinder radial

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As most of you know I have been building a radial engine of my own design for some years now.
 Unfortunately the original posts have been lost but I still have my U Tube videos  that I will give the links to I will do this in stages to alow members to ask questions on the build.
The first  one is making the cylinders, sorry about the quality I am not into trying to make professional quality vid's I just don't have the time

Okay, I am seriously impressed with what you do, have been since the other place. I would be terrified to screw up a process on a part 15 processes in. AND you so this with the crap igaging dro's... They're cheap and handy, but I can't stand their lag. I find it quite difficult to be accurate on the fly then the numbers are almost a second behind me turning the dial. So, kodos to you for making incredible parts from small machines and budget electronics... I have so much to learn... 😩😩😩

Time for No 2 starting the cylinder heads  as with the cylinders I made a jig that can be moved between the lathe and the rotary table to try and keep multiple parts the same. but on one of the lower cylinders the spark plug was switched to the opposite side to keep it out of the oil that tends to collect when the engine is stationary.         


Crisp video, very concise.

Making jigs is key to so many operations, even for 1 part that needs to be moved from machine -> machine and back.

Just so you know what I am aiming for here are 2 drawings front and rear. these drawings are constantly being modified. but show the basic idea.


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