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Stuart No4 Casting Set

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Answered an ad for a metal bender on Kijiji. Was going to build one but found one only 40 minutes away and figured I couldn't buy the metal for the price, so off I go. Its in the basement, I notice an old wooden machinist chest and comment on how gorgeous it was. The chap says it was my father inlaw's dads, he's upstairs. Goes and gets him and we have a great chat going through the box. So he says, would you be interested in a set of steam engine castings. Dou !! We go out side and he brings a box out of the shed. He'd bought them years ago for his dad, hoping he'd stay sober for a while building it. Guess he never got sober. What would you be asking for them I say. Having some inclining  that they were spendy. He says. I'd love to see them finished and you look like someone who might do it, hows $50 sound. Wiat Urp would be proud how fast I drew my wallet.
They should be well seasoned.
Guess I have another project to add to the endless list.
According to Stuart Models it stands 10 inches tall, with a 1 1/2 bore and 1 1/4 stroke. The new version has a 5 inch spoked flywheel, this one is 4 1/2 dia solid.

Let me be the first to honor you with a vigorous YOU SUCK!  ;D

In reality, let me congratulate you on a wonderful find. You do know that you will be required to do a build thread with lots of photos on that engine, don't you?

Thanks Terry, hopping to win the You Suck of the year award. Just checked, they're asking 370 pounds for the castings and 75 pounds shipping, thats $755 Canadian, As if I'd ever spend that.
Don't worry, lots of photo's to follow.
This one should be fun. Built a small engine years ago before I got the Hardinge. My wore out Colchester wouldn't hold the tolerances I needed so did most of it on my 16 x 80 Summit.
You can do small work on a big lathe but can't do big work on a small one.

Hey, I'll give you a hundred bucks for the kit! That'll let you double your money right?!?!?!    :D

Congrats on the "find" of the year..  Color me green!

heck we could start a bidding war on this one.  I never have that kind of luck.
Should be a nice build.   Have seen one on a you tube channel and they look great.
If your list is that long we can take that project on for you.


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